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Estate Plan Review

We hear many times "I did my estate plan ten years ago", and many of our new clients think their work is done. And, that very well may be true. Unfortunately, many people learn that financial and emotional issues can happen if a loved one has not kept current their estate plan. Your estate plan should be reviewed and updated at least every four years or if any of the following events occur:

  • A change in marital status - divorced, married, remarried, widowed
  • The birth of a child
  • The marital status of one of your loved ones has changed
  • A change in your state of residence
  • You have purchased or sold property in another location
  • You or your spouse have recently retired
  • A significant change in the value or character of your assets; home, auto, antique, stock, bond, annuity, IRA's
  • Your net worth has increased or decreased significantly since your estate plan was created
  • You have or will be considering the buying or selling of your business interest
  • You have bought, cancelled or increased the value of your life insurance policy
  • A change in intended beneficiaries; you have changed your mind about whom you want to leave your estate or how you want your loved ones to receive your estate
  • The death of a beneficiary
  • The death of a guardian, trustee, or personal representative named in your will; or a successor trustee has moved away, become disabled or you wish for a corporate trustee
  • A change in tax laws affecting state and federal estate tax deductions and calculations
  • Your estate plan does not include an Advanced Medical Directive or Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Your plan has not been reviewed since the passing of EGTRA 2001 and the current 2012 estate tax rules and pending uncertainty of the future.

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