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Pet Trusts

It may seem frivolous to some but to pet owners who love their pets, making sure their beloved animals are taken care of after they are gone is of the utmost importance. Will someone be notified so that your pet's care is not interrupted? Who will take care of these pets long-term after you are gone?

What does a Pet Trust do?

  • Ensures your pets will be cared for, as you yourself have cared for them
  • Ensures that there are funds available and a care taking system is in place
  • Appoints a caregiver and at least one backup caregiver
  • Appoints a Trustee to make sure that the care giver is doing his or her job
  • Protects the money designated for the pet and ensures that it lasts for the duration of the pet's life
  • Gives directions regarding health care needs, exercise needs, diet needs, preferred veterinarian, and burial/cremation plans for your pet
  • Provides that any funds remaining in trust at the death of the pet goes to charity or a family member
  • Provides a method for finding a caretaker in the event that the caretaker or the back-up caretaker you have selected is unavailable
  • Assets in a pet trust are NOT subject to the caregiver's creditors, marital disputes, or bankruptcy. (Alternatively, if you leave an outright gift of money to a person in your will in exchange for the care of your pet, the money will go to that person's heirs or beneficiaries at his or her death and will not be available to care for the pet).
  • You can provide for a temporary emergency/caregiver in the event that something unexpected happens to you providing them with keys to your home, feeding and care instructions, the name of your veterinarian, and information about permanent care instructions.
  • Planning can lead to peace of mind, reducing the anxiety that many pet owners experience when they envision their beloved pet living without them
  • There is no assurance that if you leave money to someone outright to care for your pet that they will do what was promised
  • To ensure that certain people are notified, so your pet's care will not be interrupted
  • To ensure that caretakers are pre-selected by you
  • To provide a source of funds for your pet's care
  • To inform future caretakes of your pet's care instructions, likes and dislikes, and your wishes as to your pet's burial and cremation

For more information about Pet Trusts visit the Pet Eternal Trust web site.

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